Romanian Starcom MediaVest launched HumanGraphExperience infographics

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Romanian media agency Starcom MediaVest launched HumanGraphExperience, aiming to offer relevant and constant info on the dynamics of consumers and brands relationship and the impact its evolution has over the way brands are acting on the market.

The series of infographics is a long term initiative and shares some of the analysis results from agency’s Consumer Understanding department.

The 1st infographic highlights Romanian men habits when it comes of beer consumption and can be consulted below.

Consumer-brand relationship evolves continuously and, with it, the classical definition of media – to acquire spaces and run advertising campaigns – changes. Encouraged by technology, consumers are playing an important and constant role in brands’ marketing, and that is why understanding their motivations becomes essential: the significance of the brand expands from its fundamental characteristics to the sum of the experiences lived together with the consumers. Buying and consumption habit is now closely related to brand’s way of acting and identifying real and actual insights from consumers becomes the most important competitional advantage

Alexandra Iavorschi

Managing Director Starcom.

HumanGraphExperience infographics are made by Starcom MediaVest together with Quickdata.


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