PayU – campaign to celebrate 10M transactions

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PayU started a campaign to celebrate passing the 10M online transactions mark in company’s history. The new campaign aims to stimulate and increase online payments, started on February 25 and will end the day the transactions counter will show 10M.

The campaign will run on Facebook and will have support from PayU’s online partner stores, among which PC Garage, Bijuteria Teilor, Mall Boutique, F64, Originalo, Maria Lucia Hohan, Selected Wines, Toysmall, Paravion, Quickmobile, Floria, Gourmet Spanish Gifts, Vivre, Libratiile Humanitas, Carespot or Miniprix.

In campaign will enter all buyers that buy goods or services or pay utilities in any online store using PayU. Once a week, following a draw, there will be selected winners for weekly prizes. The week the 10M transaction is made, the big prize is won by the buyer that made that transaction. The big prize changes from one week to another and is announced in the start of each week.

Through this campaign, we mainly wish to thank buyers that helped us to build, during all these years, the Romanian e-commerce but also to convince other users to enter the comfortable and safe zone of online payments

Andreia Stavarache

Sales & Marketing Manager PayU Romania.