Romanian GolinHarris analysis: Why is Harlem Shake a viral?

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Romanian specialists of GolinHarris’ The Bridge made an analysis of Harlem Shake phenomena, the most en vogue viral of the moment.

According to Anca Bundaru, Digital Manager GolinHarris, the Harlem Shake name comes from the famous New York neighborhood, and the concept follows couple lines: the movie must have 13-15 seconds, presents a character dancing chaotically, among impassible people, that join him afterwards in a chaotic dance, with typical Harlem Shake moves.

The Bridge analysis shows that, at a YouTube search with “Harlem Shake” term, there are now over 66,000 videos lasting under 4 minutes on this theme.

The 1st video of this kind was uploaded on YouTube in Australia and, according to YouTube Trends. there were already, on February 11th, over 12,000 versions with over 44M views. The growth line at that time was of 4,000 videos a day, with an accelerate growth and, on February 15th, there were already over 40,000 Harlem shake videos with 175M views

Valeriu Ispir

Senior Digital Manager GolinHarris.

The concept was enthusiastically received by Romanians also. A search “Harlem Shake Romania” returns with over 1,100 videos on Youtube. The Romanian  Harlem Shake spreaded fast all over the country, “infecting” also the characters Mo and Foca in the series created by Creative Monkeyz.