Brandient made an Uber design for a nuts&seeds brand

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Brandient made the packaging for a new brand of  nuts&seeds introduced on the market by Pangram S.A., leading player on the pasta & snacks market in Romania. Because the shelf is crowded and lacking differentiation in the category, with the packaging predominantly playing at a functional level, the strategy was devised to create a brand full of verve, with strong personality, cool attitude and good-natured humor, supported by a bold name and visual manifestation.

The name Übernuts is using the German “über” – cool word for “over”, “super” – to position the brand as a self proclaimed quality standout, but in a light hearted way. The multiple meanings of “nuts” add to the mojo of the brand, aimed primarily at the young demographic.

Various illustrations build up the Übernuts brand visual platformThe unconventional name prompted a logo designed with a custom hand-drawn typography—at the same time naive and eccentric—which inspired a temperamental visual platform. The package design is poking “Pop Culture” fun at a celebrity-obsessed world, where even the smallest grain in the crowd would dream to become a celebrity.

The vivid neon color is a strong brand property, clearly standing out on the shelf, triggering curiosity and trial and consequently building brand awareness with less effort.

The snack categories allow packaging designers to break the rules. More so, when the brand name strongly asks for it—and ‘über’ plus ‘nuts’ equals divine inspiration—one must not shy away from bold design.

Cristian Petre,

Senior Designer & Brandient Partner.

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