Tempo Advertising signs “The Invisible Man” social campaign

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Tempo Advertising implemented for International Migration Organization (OIM) the informational campaign “The Invisible man”, supporting this way the communication for the immigrants voluntary return program.

The campaign includes a TV ad, radio and promotional materials, targets immigrants that live without legal forms and runs from March to June 2013.

The TV ad made by Tempo is dramatizing the way an illegal immigrant feels every day

We tried to put ourselves in illegal immigrants shoes and what we discovered was a huge soul emptiness: the awful feeling they live, being far from home, with no perspectives. From this insight, a campaign we care very much about resulted and an ad with impact (The invisible man, filmed by Hypno), which is far from the ad


Costin Milu,

Creative Director Tempo.


Tempo team working on the project included Costin Milu – Creative Director, Iulia Soare –  Copywriter, Gabriel Mihailescu – Art Director, Mihai Preotu – Strategie, Bianca Dordea – CS Director, Irina Chirila –  Account Manager. The ad was produced by Cubic Film, directed by  Hypno and with the image signed by Radu Aldea.