The Secret Service made martisoare-jewels for Kinder

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The Secret Service created paper jewels in which it hid Kinder Bueno temptations and offered, in the start of March, to ladies and misses, via men.

The agency’s answer on Ferrero’s brief for Kinder Bueno meant also a helpful hand to men that aren’t always preparing for March 1st.

Elegant women welcomed men that came on Friday morning at work in different offices buildings in Bucharest, offering them the paper jewels, with a bit of instructions and save their honor in front of their women colleagues. 

The jewels were made to be worn at hand, caught with a Martisor string (red and white) or as pandant, with a chain.

Also, similar activations were made , during march 1st, in Cinema City, Multiplex and Cinema Pro cinemas.

Women’s reactions were over expectations, both offline and online. The surprise will repeat on March 8th, in other 15 Romanian towns.

The team that worked on the project included Mihai Ene – Copywriter and Creative Director, illustrated by Noper, while Adina Sorescu and Alina Cranga handled account management and production. Implementation was made by De Hartie, Bestprint and Men In Black. Ferrero team included Camelia Dau-group brand manager and Clara Mericoffer-brand manager. 

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