Starcom MediaVest Romania: Mothers have more to do in less time

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Starcom MediaVest Group continued its infographics series with a new study, Modern Tech Mums. The infographic presents data on the effects modern technologies have over family life and, especially, over the relationship between a mother and her kid.

According to the available data, mothers have more and more to do in a smaller period of time, with 60% of them working at least 8 hours a day. In spite of that, 90% consider the family their main priority, with multitasking becoming the best way to organize their time.

The shrinking of the personal time also affects the quality of the moments spent with the family, with only 36% of mothers having enough time to watch cartoons or children movies with their kids.

On a daily basis, 97% of the mums are using the mobile phone and 67% – the internet, so that tech becomes an ally for mums when it comes of creating family rituals, continue and inspire existent traditions, share with the others and relive emotions lived together with their loved ones.

With Woman’s Day getting closer, we were inspired to study a consumers’ segment of interest for many products categories: mothers. This way, we focused on investigating the way mums continue to manifest their main role in maintaining their home balance, but adapting to the limitations and opportunities of the modern       society. Tech proved to be the main ally in monetizing family moments, although it   also has some limitations. Brands can intervene in the limited time dedicated to the family in a non-intrusive  way via technology, relating to mothers at emotional level, by amplifying the family moments and not by finding ways to make their life more efficient, so that they could also do other things besides the multitude of the existent ones

Alexandra Iavorschi

Managing Director Starcom.

Starcom MediaVest Group launched, in February, HumanGraphExperience, a series of infographics intended to offer constant and relevant info on the consumer-brands relation’s dynamics and the impact its evolution has over the way brands act on the market .

HumanGraphExperience Starcom - Modern Tech Mums