Grayling Pulse: Most organizations use just 10% of communication budgets for CSR

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According to Grayling Pulse survey, most organizations (37%) allocate just 10% from their communication budget to CSR communication and 52% think media is interested in covering CSR issues.

The research shows that sectors that believe they have the best performance in CSR & sustainability are Consumer & Retail (58%), Transportation, Automotive & Logistics (53%) and Energy, Environment & Industry (53%). Top 3 areas of focus for CSR and sustainability programs are community and corporate social responsibility (16%), waste and recycling (13%) and philanthropy and volunteering (11%).

Grayling Pulse also shows that, most commonly, CSR and sustainability activities are communicated through media relations (25%) and internal and employee communication (24.6%), with only 12% organizations using social media to communicate their efforts in this areas.