Rogalski Grigoriu PR study: After the horse meat crisis, Romanians bought more chicken


A study made by Rogalski Grigoriu PR – Horse meat crisis face to face with Romanian consumer – shows that the scandal related to horse meat labeled as beef determined half Romanians to say that they trust less the origin of bought meat. Also, they said they changed their consumption habits and preferred to buy, instead, chicken meat.

The study shows that over 50% Romanians changed their meat consumption habits following the horse meat scandal, with 14.26% of them saying they bought more chicken meat from known producers. The scandal related to the horse meat is known by 96% of Romanian consumers and discussed about it with someone close. The percentage of people to which the scandal reached makes it one of the most viral social subjects during the last 12 months

The research Rogalski Grigoriu Public Relations is based on was made between February 28 – March 4, on a sample of 4.659 people. When it came of managing the crisis, 40,7% of the subjects consider Romanian authorities intervened correctly to make the truth known, with Victor Ponta being the public personality with highest visibility in relation with this matter (65%).

More conclusions of the research are available here. The study made by Rogalski Grigoriu PR used data from Media Image Group, Ze Monitor (TreeWorks) and