Kinecto and Coccolino launched “We draw for Coccolino” app

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Kinecto signs the app “We draw for Coccolino”, launched on Coccolino Romania’s Facebook page, that invites all the kids that attend Romanian kinder-gardens to draw the nice bear. Following judging the drawings, each of the 40 winners received a Coccolino set including a Teddy bear and a clothes balm and another 24 teddy bears for the kinder-garden colleagues. In the end of the contest, all participants received a Coccolino fridge magnet. The contest was promoted both on Coccolino Romania’s Facebook page and in Romanian kinder-gardens.

Launched 2 months ago, the app was accessed by over 4,000 users in 100 kinder gardens, reaching in total to over 200,000 users

We are happy that we had a big number of entries and the app, in its whole, had a real success on a relatively limited target – parents with children in kinder-garden. We wanted and we tried something special with the kinder-gardens and the results showed clearly the popularity of Coccolino bear among kids and parents

Radu Ionescu,

Creative Director Kinecto.

Kinecto team that worked on the app included Radu Ionescu (Creative Director), Mihai Dumitru (Senior Strategic Planner), Stefan Perju(Copywriter), Vlad Marius (Art Director) and Raluca Simion (Account Manager). Unilever was involved with Anca Nicoara (BB Executive Coccolino & Premium Brands USCE) and Iulia Boanca (Senior Brand Manager Laundry USCE).

Kinecto Romania handles online strategy and communication for Coccolino Romania since 2010. Founded in 2002 and part of Tempo Creative Group since 2008, Kinecto is one of the most important digital communication agencies in Romania. Kinecto has in its portfolio, among other, clients such as BCR, Avon Cosmetics, LG and Unilever.