Publicis Romania to share knowledge with Brasov students interested in advertising


Publicis Romania School will set up camp, during the week-end, in Brasov, Romanian academic center, where it plans to run a real communication “marathon” for the students interested in advertising.

The event, entitled La Sfat cu PUBLICIStarii (“Chatting with the PUBLICIstars”) will take place on Friday evening, at Casa Sfatului, starting 18.00 and will continue on Saturday, in the Festivity Hall of “Transilvania” University, starting 12.00.

On Friday evening, the PublicisSchool “teachers”, Lorand (Boti) Balint – Strategy Director, Alexandra Murray – Client Service Director, Dan Frinculescu and Mihnea Gheorghiu – Group Creative Directors will spend six hours with the trainees in workshops on Advertising Strategy, Client Service and Creativity in Advertising.

The three workshops will take place simultaneously, to allow student groups to attend each of the sessions over the six hours.

A Q&A session on “Advertising Careers” will follow Saturday afternoon, where students can learn first-hand what it means to work in the business.

We created Publicis School to share some of our experience to young and talented people outside Bucharest.. We wanted to offer them the opportunity to take a closer look at the advertising field and thus help them take a decision concerning their future careers.

The training in Brasov is an intensive one, a real “marathon” where students will be able to “work” in each key-department of the agency, which will help them learn more about the industry from its three key perspectives – creative, client service and strategy. I am also looking forward to the Q&A session on Saturday.

Lorand (Boti) Balint

Strategy Director, Publicis Romania

Brasov Communication School is a project of the Faculty of Sociology and Communication  (Transilvania University Brasov) and it consists of several events focused on the transfer of know-how from specialists in different communication fields.