Former Citibank, Rohith Murthy takes the lead of NABE Labs (Centrade Group)

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Rohith Murthy, that managed until recently the eBusiness division within Citibank, will join Centrade Group, heading the newly created digital division NABE Labs.

Headquartered in Bucharest, NABE will innovate and offer to its clients digital products, creating this way a new line to complete Centrade’s presence on the digital market, together with Saatchi Online and Kubis Interactive.

Rohith Murthy

I am extremely happy to join Centrade Group. I have great respect for Florescu brothers and I am honored to be part of their team. Digital communication lives good times and there are huge opportunities for us to innovate, to lead and to have a significant contribution

Rohith Murthy

NABE will function as an independent division within the group and will try to expand Centrade from digital services point of view in areas such as banking innovation, apps and games.

We are very happy to have a top innovator from a top bank like Citi (…) We believe that both his experience in the banking sector and his contacts in Far East will bring extraordinary value to our clients’ portolio and to the ones outside Romania’s border

John M. Florescu,

CEO Centrade.

NABE Labs will work also together with digital specialized groups within Centrade, which will lead to a total team of 80 members. This team of digital talents inside Centrade will work from both Romania and US, but also in partnership and work alliances with development centers from Asia.

Murthy graduated Singapore’s National University and spent 10 years working for┬áCitibank. He started in Singapore, than went up in ranks and worked in Thailand, Romania and Central and Eastern Europe.

Centrade is the group that gathers together more business entities owned by Radu Florescu, among which Saatchi&Saatchi, Zenith and  Kubis Interactive.

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