Samsung. Most loved IT brand on the Romanian market


Samsung is the most loved tech brand in Romania, surpassing Sony and iPhone, according to a study made by Unlock Market Research and BIZ magazine.

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Besides Samsung, Sony and iPhone, the first 10 position of the rankings are completed by LG, Panasonic, Philips, HP, Nokia, Toshiba and BlackBerry, all known IT & technology brands, ranging from mobile phone to household and electronics producers.

The top was compiled by Unlock Market Research, that made a study together with Biz Magazine in order to measure brands’  notoriety level and consumers’ attachment for each of the brands in top. The research was made on a sample of consumers aged 18-45 y.o., frequent users of tech and gadgets, and used MaxDiff methodology.

According to Adina Vlad, Manager Partner Unlock Market research, technology nowadays is present in everyone’s life, with average consumer interacting with tech brands on daily basis. Moreover, brands are indispensable in consumer’s life, helping him to manage his active lifestyle. Vlad says the research aimed to take Romanian market’s pulse and measure how Romanians are getting attached to IT brands present on the market, which ones are valuable to them and which they use the most .