The male fairy returns, in a new campaign from Three and Banca Transilvania

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Banca Transilvania and Romanian agency Three cast BT’s male fairy in a new campaign, with the tagline “Do now what you were dreaming when you were a child! If not now, than when?”. The new campaign promotes the shopping MasterCard Forte card and combines marketing, advertising and PR strategies.

BT’s male fairy is again the star of the campaign and, this time, he’s happy that he managed to buy what he wanted since he was little, a guitar.

Taking in consideration consumer’s psychology, the campaign focuses on BT’s MasterCard Forte that, with its advantages, offers to its owner the possibility to buy what he wishes. The product is positioned as “the unlimited card when it comes of wishes”. The business objective set by BT for this campaign is to issue 15,000 MasterCard Forte cards in the 3 months of the campaign (April 1st – June 30th)

The campaign is based on a mix of mediums and communication instruments, from TV ad to redrawing the website, online and offline commercials, social media, indoor decorations for our branches, outdoor. By far, making the TV ad was, as usually, the big and beautiful adventure, with around 20 hours of filming in 8 different locations in Bucharest and also with 6 characters that help us send a message in which we can all find ourselves

Sergiu Mircea,

Marketing & Comunicare Director Banca Transilvania

MasterCard Forte is part of the loyalization program Star BT, a program that targets people with cards from Banca Transilvania. During the campaign period, the people that demand a MasterCard Forte have 3 months of guarantee, 3 months of double Star BT points and no costs associated to issuing the card.

The campaign was conceived and implemented by BT’s Marketing and Communication Direction, together with the advertising agency Three.


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