MyKey launched a crowdfunding campaign – We Are Here – for cultural festivals


MyKey launched a crowdfunding campaign to support 8 Romanian cultural festivals (cinema, theater and music). The campaign aims to create a precedent for crowdfunding, a viable option for financing cultural projects, together with support from state and private companies. The campaign will run for 3 weeks.

As independent festivals’ organizers are facing under-financing and shrinking budgets, MyKey initiated the crowdfunding campaign, the first on the Romanian market. The company launched the platform

We Are Here is the first campaign that aims to activate every former, actual or future viewer. The public can now offer real support to the projects it watched and applauded, financing this year’s editions of the participant festivals.

The 8 events that will open the way for crowdfunding are  Anim’est – international animation film festival, NexT – international film festival, Ideo Ideis – national young theater festival, SoNoRo – international music festival, KINOdiseea – international festival of movies for kids, Green Hours International Jazz – international jazz festival, Street Delivery and Temps D’images.

MyKey is a young and unconventional service: we deliver spare keys for your house, car or office. We are urban, we come with new solutions for modern and active people. In this spirit, we decided to get actively involved in the creative industry, by launching We Are Here platform. Public’s energy is generative of ideas and the force it contributes to a project’s success can be now quantified also financially. We are here all, prepared to applaud them again (…)

Delia Marcu,

PR Manager MyKey.

On We Are Here platform, each person can donate an amount starting from Euro 5 or can buy campaign’s poster via SMS, for Euro 6.2. The funds obtained via donations or by buying posters will go directly in festivals’ accounts.