Hungarian digital ad spend in 2012: 35.65 BN HUF

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Digital net adspent in Hungary was of 35.65BN in 2012, with Hungarian advertisers spending 4.5BN HUF more on digital last year, which generated a market growth of 14%.

By advertising category, the biggest amounts went to display advertising (47% or 16.78BN HUF), followed by search advertising (27%, 12.43BN HUF), listing (13%, 4.65BN HUF), email and mobile (2.5% each, 0.88-0.89 BN HUF). The most noticeable trend was in the mobile area, with this channel’s usage going up significantly.

IAB Hungary released info on Hungarian digital market for 2012 as part of a study made together with PwC Hungary (that collected and processed the data) and the online section of Hungarian Communication Agencies’ Association (MAKSZ).

The data used for the report was provided by 30 media companies and sales houses, 20 agencies and industry experts.