pastel made for Grundig Romania a new platform to interact with clients

Business, Marketing

Romanian agency pastel, communication agency specialized in creating brand experiences, developed for Grundig a new clients interaction platform aimed to help them to chose correctly the best TV. The platform brings to consumers 3 new advising solutions: the new website, its mobile version and an informational brochure.

The platform was developed to help educate consumers in making correct choices when buying a TV and to create a fast, easy and relaxing experience in the acquisition process.

The big challenge was to find an intelligent way of inserting a lot information in the new website and make them easy to access for all clients. That is why we paid a lot of attention to the details meant to make the new website user-friendly, intuitive and easy to follow

Ioana Mucenic,

Managing Partner pastel.

The differentiation of the new website come from generating customized solutions to choose the best product, via a simple mechanism, that follows consumers’ needs and expectations, depending on how “technical oriented” or “lifestyle oriented” they are. Depending on this, consumers can fill in a quiz to find out what type of TV is best suited for them and their life style.

We were thinking at this quiz as if it was a personal consultant that takes in consideration client’s needs in order to offer him customized acquisition solutions

Ioana Mucenic.

Besides the quiz, Grundig also came up with a dictionary explaining terms and technologies that anyone that wants to know what VGA, WXGA, digital transmissions, 3D tech, PPR (Picture Perfection Rate) and many other mean.

The dictionary was made on the same differentiation principles, offering easy to understand information, no matter the technical knowledge of the user. Moreover, in order to offer the client a complete experience, most of the explanations come with suggestive images. By developing these informational instruments, Grundig assumes the mission to educate both the less technical consumer, but also the commercial representative in the store, to which it offers complete support for a better knowledge and promotion of the Grundig products

Gabriela Geana,

Marketing Manager Grunding.

Besides website’s full version, Grundig and pastel also came up with a mobile version, starting from the premises that most buying decision are made in stores.

We know from the initial research that we deal with a target that informs on the go. When it comes of TVs, the acquisition involves a previous process of thorough analysis, as it has to do with products with a high degree of involvement in the decision making process. From here comes also the challenge to develop an informational solution to which the client can have access in real time, no matter when or where he is

Ioana Mucenic.

Our objective was to simplify the acquisition process. Now, the buyers can access the website in the store, directly from their phone, no  matter the operation system, and this way they can be sure the buy suits their needs

Gabriela Geana.

The 3rd instrument is the informative brochure, ‘The Guide of TV fans. From beginner to expert’. It is structured on 4 sections (video, audio, connectivity and interactivity) and helps clients understand easier the technology, options and functionalities Grundig TVs are offering .

The teams working on this project include:

  • pastel: Ioana Mucenic – visionary managing partner, Ana Achimescu – joyful account executive, Paul Cotor – fresh minded creative director, Lucian Rosu – highly accurate dtp and Ionela Toma – inspired senior copywriter
  • Grundig: Gabriela Geana – Marketing Manager, Andrei Stanciu – Marketing Specialist and Madalina Iulia Sultan – Product Manager Grundig