World Press Photo 2013, to come to Bucharest in May


World Press Photo, the most important international photo-journalism exhibition, will reach in Bucharest, for the 2nd year in a row, starting May 2nd. The exhibition, organized by Eidos Foundation, will be open for public on May 2nd – 267th, in University Square.

The exhibition is an initiative of World Press Photo Foundation, founded in Netherlands in 1955 and that activates as an independent, non-profit organization with headquarters in Amsterdam. The Foundation’s activity is dedicated to introducing high standards in photo-journalism and documentary photo all around the world.

01_Paul Hansen

World Press Photo competition started in 1955, when 42 photographers from 11 countries entered over 300 photos to be judged. In 2012, the contest attracted 5,247 participants from 124 countries and a total of 101,254 photos were submitted.

All the works entered in the competition are open for the public via the annual exhibition, that travels all over the world, in over 100 places from 45 countries. The exhibition attracts over 3.5M people per edition.

World Press Photo represents the essence of actual reportage, made in the interest of an informed society. It is a difficult mission because, many times, the conditions are difficult – conflicts, disasters – or because the followed subjects are extremely painful. And as media is suffering huge transformation in its business model, another type of approach is needed to insure uncensored access to information and image. It is the reason why, even since its founding, World Press Photo awarded and highlighted the work of photo-journalists that dedicated themselves to subjects that, even though they are important, rarely make it on the 1st page of newspapers

Cristian Movila,

Founder Eidos Foundation

Last year, the exhibition was brought back to Bucharest after 18 years of absence, through Eidos Foundation’s efforts.