4inmasina.ro – carpooling in Romania


Starting April 22nd, on Earth Day, a new carpooling service available for people in Romania is avalable at www.4inmasina.ro. The service aims to promote sharing the car with other passengers in order to reduce traffic, carbon emissions and also to diminish the fuel costs or to make the travelling more fun.

Carpooling services are usual in Western European countries or over the Ocean, where there are also available special tracks and parking spaces for the cars that transport more than 2 passengers. Romanian public also showed interest for this kind of service, a thing proved by Facebook organized groups or other similar websites


Compared to other initiatives that already exist in Romania, 4inmasina is a professional-made platform, easy to use, with a full online inventory that includes a traditional website and Facebook, iOS and Android apps, all made in such a way so Romanians find it accessible and use it more and more often, no matter where they are.

Things are changing fast in the way we travel and now we can get safely to the seaside, in just 2 hours and in safe conditions. We also know that there are many people that travel frequently on certain routes, most of the times without anyone else in their car. Same, in towns, people with cars use the same itinerary on daily basis, almost at the same hours, with just one person in the vehicle.

Starting from here and taking in consideration the evolution of the phenomenon in Western Europe, we want to offer the ones interested a transparent and easy to use service (soon, the service will also be ported on mobile terminals), with which people will be able to choose the best offers in terms of ratings and of the experience of the ones that offer them, for the best travel experience, with the lowest costs and best comfort

Ioana Proca,

Project Manager 4inmasina.

4inmasina is a project of the association with the same name, founded in 2012, developed by iLeo Marketing Interactiv. The project has as partner Stirile Pro TV’s website and Bucharest’s Police as a supporter.