BPN handles media strategy for the TV ad of Kruk Romania’s campaign


The specialists from BPN (media agency part of IPG Mediabrands) sign the media strategy for the ad launched on the market as part of the campaign for Kruk Romania.

Recently, Kruk launched the communication campaign “Tradition and Folklore”, that aims to link Romanians’ habits and planning their personal budgets or paying their debts. The campaign has the known Romanian folklore singer Sofia Vicoveanca as its image.

The media strategy proposed by BPN aimed for an efficient exposure of the ad and included a main TV station – Kanal D – and a few secondary ones, for a target suited to campaign’s idea – N24, Taraf TV, Etno TV. The print publication included in the media mix is Libertatea (Romanian tabloid)

We are happy to assist Kruk Romania again, a company we worked with on other campaigns in 2011 and 2012, with very good results. And this time also, our media strategy generates results: only 2 weeks after the ad was running, we reached 54% of the aimed target, namely 4.8M people

Ileana Tomescu,

Managing Partner BPN.

 It is a campaign that started from the idea that we can solve a problem like debts much easier: Kruk comes up with the solutions, with good rates and permanent dialogue for people that need it. That is why, in our campaigns, we are trying to find our the best solution to reach the people that have debts to return and tell them it is fundamental to contact creditors and work out their financial problems. BPN understood exactly what is the winning formula between this message and the target public and the proof is the success of this campaign, all after just 2 weeks

Tomasz Ignaczak,

General Manager KRUK Romania.

BPN team working on campaign’s strategy included Sorin Focsanianu (Senior Media Integrator) and Valentina Chirica (Media Integrator).

The campaign (concept, strategy and implementation) was made by Tempo Advertising. The visual elements of the campaign are declined on all KRUK’s communication supports, including on the notifications sent to people in debts.