Stop for a moment! – a dare launched by GMP Advertising and Timisoreana

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GMP Advertising and Timisoreana (Ursus Breweries brand) launched a new campaign, daring the consumers to “Stop for a moment!” in a 30 seconds spot that is running on Romanian TVs since April 16th.

Timisoreana’s story goes forward and brings in the spotlight good things that deserve to be observed in an agitate life’s rush. The concept of the new campaign dares consumers to stop and make time to enjoy details, good and beautiful things around, a good opportunity to drink a Timisoreana beer.

It is good to make some time now and than…to stop. It is an aspect us and the consumers found relevant for the rushed times we live in. Being in a hurry can make you pass over a lot of moments that deserve to be lived. From here, the campaign that shows us that beautiful things can happen to us when we make time for them. And, so this won’t remain only on declarative level, we wanted to send with the new TV ad, a state of good that anyone can live by enjoying a Timisoreana. Even in front of the TV

Ioana Munteanu,

Group Creative Director GMP Advertising.

 The message of this campaign – Enjoy slowly a beer with tradition – is the novelty Timisoreana comes towards consumers in this spring-summer. The ad marks the 2 important points for our audience: product, meaning the fresh cold beer, just perfect to taste, and being close to the brand, underlined with every consumer being able to recognize himself in the demand to stop and enjoy beautiful things around. We hope this new message to repay the loyality of the consumers. Due to them, Timisoreana remains the favorite beer of the Romanians

Cristina Gherman,

Senior Brand Manager Timișoreana.

The ad was directed by Linus Ewers and production is signed by Multi Media Est.

The teams involved in the project are

  • Timisoreana: Cristina Gherman – Senior Brand Manager, Ramona Ailincai – Innovation Manager, Mihai Barsan – Vice President Marketing Ursus Breweries.
  • GMP Advertising: Anca Geafir (Account Manager), Catrinel Manolescu (Account Director), Ioana Munteanu (Group Creative Director), Cosmin Ezaru (Senior Art Director), Mihai Gongu (Creative Director), Radu Teodorescu (AV Producer), Ioana Gheorghita (Head of Strategy).