Publicis Bucharest signs “100% malt” campaign for the new Skol beer

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Publicis Bucharest signs the communication campaign “100% malt”, an image campaign highlighting the fact that Skol is a fresh and refreshing beer, with superior and authentic beer taste that comes from its 100% malt recipe.

The campaign started on April 26th, it is a daring campaign both in promotion and as presentation: Skol, 100% malt. Beer-er than this isn’t possible!

The new products 100% malt is promoted with an integrated campaign, with the first TV ads already running. The ads are sending the key message of the campaign in an original and memorable way.

The TV ads – Happy Birthday and Karaoke – are shot in a bar, where Skol consumers enjoy a food beer with their friends and have fun together, watching football, singing karaoke, celebrating a birthday or just talking while drinking Skol.

According to IQAds, Publicis team working on the campaign included Razvan Capanescu (Creative Director), Dan Frinculescu (Group Creative Director), Mihnea Gheorghiu (Group Creative Director), Catalin Paduretu (Art Director), Catalin Albu (Client Service Director) and Camelia Efrimov (AV Producer).

The campaign also includes a change in packaging, for 0.5L bottles and the plastic bottles, but also for cans and secondary packaging, such as the 6 can-packs. The new packaging includes a fresh design, specially adapted to the creative concept and meant to bring more personality with the logo and with the strong identifiers of the brand: red to mark the full taste and green and barley spices to show the naturalness of product’s ingredients.