Leo Burnett & Target signs the campaign promoting the new Bergenbier Fresh Grapefruit

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Leo Burnett & Target signs the launch campaign for Bergenbier Fresh Grapefruit, that debuted in April. The communication campaign unveils the identity of the new Bergenbier product, a mix of beer and grapefruit juice, and also supports a product already existent on the market, Bergenbier Fresh Lemon.

The main components of the campaign are the TV ad and the online component.

Bergenbier Fresh, in its 2 versions, speaks mainly about summer, cooling and ingredients harmonization. We chose to integrate those elements in a beautiful story about friendship and gratitude between two protagonists that can tell product’s story better than anyone. It is an episode of friendship saga told by Bergenbier that has a special tone, the one given by the pleasant feeling of a summer fully lived

Irina Becher,

Copywriter Leo Burnett.

The teams involved in making the campaign included

  • Leo Burnett&Target: Carmen Tiderle (Creative Director), Tudor Cuciuc (Creative Director), Irina Becher (Senior Copywriter,) Radu Radulescu (Art Director), Angela Teodorescu (Brand┬áCommunication┬áManager), Petronela Ionescu (Brand┬áCommunication Director) and Alexandra Patarlageanu (Brand Communication Executive).
  • Bergenbier: Radu Dumitrescu (Senior Brand Manager) and Mihai Bonca (Marketing Director).