Propaganda signs the 1st integrated campaign for Selgros Romania

Ads, Creativity

Romanian Propaganda handles, starting April 2013, the creative ideas and communication campaigns for Selgros Romania. The 1st campaign the agency signed for its client is “Selgros. It worths!” and communicates the advantages offered by the cash & carry stores network.

The strategic idea started from the fact that, no matter how powerful or different meat is in the market, people normally don’t shop only that product, especially when it comes of cash&carry or hypermarkets.

Our strategy was to think a communication platform where meat to be the star, accompanied always by other products in Selgros’ offer. This way, the positioning became ‘all it matters, starting with the best meat’ and will be expressed with a campaign supported by reasons to come to Selgros (…) The client – one of the nicest ones – embraced the idea immediately, as well as the strategy and the concept ‘It worths!’ that came with it, an absurd and funny one, but that expresses very well what we wanted to say

Luciana Bodolan,

Strategic Planner Propaganda.

The concept ‘It worths!” was declined in a campaign during which different people, in different situations, are asked why would they go to Selgros for a price they can find somewhere else, for a comparable price. That’s a question a normal person would ask himself when he leaves for shopping (…) And well, with this campaign, we give everyine a very good reason to come to Selgros (…)

Razvan Soare,

Senior Copywriter Propaganda.

 We wanted a lot to make known the quality of Selgros’ products and services, starting from our meat producing facilities that we are very proud of and that are already appreciated by our loyal clients. Propaganda’s team understood this and translated it very nicely in a creative language. We immediately identified with the slogan (…) because it defines the mission Selgros has on Romanian market, to offer to the clients excellent services

Pia Krauss,

Marketing Manager Selgros Romania.

The teams working on the campaign included:

  • Selgros Romania: Pia Krauss (Marketing Manager); Ovidiu Cantor (Economist, responsabil OOH & Deco); Mădălina Leonte (PR Specialist); Ciprian Grindean (Art Director Advertising)
  • Propaganda: Bogdan Moraru (Creative Director), Răzvan Soare (Senior Copywriter), Paula Rusu (Art Director),  Corina Iovan (Strategic Planning Director), Luciana Bodolan (Strategic Planner), Mihaela Giurcă (Client Service Director), Cătălina Bălan (Account Manager), Vlad Crişu (DTP Director), George Paraschiv (DTP Designer), Ionuţ Andrei (Head of Digital), Dragoş Musat (Digital Director), Codruţa Strat (Account Manager), Alina Dumitru (PR Manager), Marcela Moldovan (AV Director)
  • The ads were made by Radu Jude, with Marius Panduru DOP and Strada Film.