Calin Rotarus launches his own consultancy business

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With over 17 years of experience in advertising, from which 12 in online, and after managing for 10 years one of the biggest online sales houses in Romania, Calin Rotarus decided to go independent and launch his own consultancy business.

Positioned as  an alternative to the traditional communication solutions (agencies or independent consultants), BCCR (Calin Rotarus Communication Bureau) aims to combine the advantages of each of the other solutions: professionalism, experience and safety offered by an agency and the flexibility, independence and reduce cost of a consultant.

Calin Rotarus (source: Business Magazin -
Calin Rotarus (source: Business Magazin –

We live in an era of democratization for access to communication. Same as Karaoke concept offers everyone the chance to sing on a stage, also communication technologies like Facebook, AdWords or WordPress make an advertiser from each company and even person. The challenge for each company is to combine efficiently the available communication methods in a manner to serve the fundamental purpose of each company – the profit generated by the correct business model

Calin Rotarus

In a period characterized by major changes both in what concerns companies’ communication needs and the available technologies, BCCR aims to offer services that suit perfectly each client’s needs, in order to support reaching the business targets.

Among the services available are: communication strategies creation and implementation, communication training & coaching both for people directly involved and managers that see that, nowadays, business cannot be separated by communication anymore.

BCCR will also offer SDaaS (Sales Director as a Service) service, a new concept on Romanian market, that sees outsourced the following functions of a sales director: analysis, sales strategy, pricing policy, training & coaching for the team, procedures arrangement, activity monitoring.

Calin Rotarus has 17 years of experience in advertising and 12 in online advertising. He managed for 10 years one of the biggest Romanian online sales houses and was involved in a lot of communication, research, media and PR projects. He was also the one that launched in Romania brands such as ARBOinteractive, LogicSearch, V2Media and others. Besides online and advertising, Calin is founder and co-owner of Rockschool, the biggest rock school in Romania.