Propaganda, pro-bono campaign for Save Danube and Delta

Ads, Creativity

Romanian agency Propaganda signs the pro-bono campaign for Save Danube and Delta Association, aimed to convince the general public to redirect 2% of the taxes they own to the state towards the NGO.

The campaign signals that poaching became a real negative phenomena in Danube Delta bio-sphere reservation and menaces a lot of rare species. Save Danube and Delta Association always tried to make general public aware of this subject and was always against this illegal practice, with disastrous consequences.

The campaign had to transform the problems of a habitat relatively far away from people’s day to day life into a cause they owned and make them aware that cruel poaching is practiced in Danube Delta every day: poachers have well set structures, give bribes, have connections, kill animals that are protected by law

Madalina Harbuz,

Strategic Planner Propaganda.

Starting from this, campaign’s message became a fight manifesto to eliminate Danube Delta’s Mafia, to which people can rally by donting the 2% to the NGO. The creative concept was declined through OOH, radio, online and an unconventional project.

The teams involved in the project

  • Save Danube and Delta Association: Liviu Mihaiu – president, Dan Barbulescu – Executive Director, Cosmina Dinu – Development and Communication Responsible, Laura Zaharia – Projects Coordinator, Elena Barbu – Office Manager and Claudiu Pana – Logistic Support
  • Propaganda: Bogdan Moraru – Creative Director, Daniel Moisa – Art director, Florin Florea – Copywriter, Madalina Harbuz – Strategic Planner, Ana-Maria Lazar – Account Executive.