Romanian media gave extensive attention to Eurovision 2013

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The 58th edition of the European song contest Eurovision has been extensively debated in the media and has generated many controversies, according to a mediaTrust report that presents the musical event’s visibility in the print media and on the Internet during on May 13-20.

Acording to the document, during the analyzed period, almost 6,200 articles that referred to Eurovision were published, with online being the main communication channel that debated the song contest.

However, Eurovision had low visibility in print, generating only 153 articles during the same interval.

The competition and its protagonist were most mentioned in social media, with Facebook being the network with highest number of mentions related to Eurovision (1,907).

mediaTRUST’s analysis established that the day when most mentioned appeared was May 19th (1,686), the day after Eurovision’s final.

When it comes of advertising, Eurovision had a considerable volume of advertising on TV: 1280 advertisements on Eurovision between April 1st – May 20, 43 ads on radios and 11 ads on printed press. Most advertisement for Eurovision was on TVR 1 (367), TVR 2 (245 ads),  TVR News (149 ads) – state channels – but also on Antena 2 (65) and TV (58) – privately owned .

The report establishing the advertising visibility was elaborated based on the monitoring of 1,334 advertisements to have appeared during the time interval April 1 – May 20, 2013, on 20 TV stations, 12 radio stations, and 200 central publications. With the help of the admonit application, mediaTRUST presents the visibility of Eurovision song context in the advertisements shown by the media channels. With a data base available since June 2012, the admonit on-line service allows generating reports to illustrate advertising costs, duration and number of displays for any time interval and data selected by the user (media channels, advertisers, brands, sectors or other classification elements).

mediaTRUST Romania was established in 1999 and provides monitoring services to Romanian and foreign companies. Since 2004, the company has been a member of FIBEP, the main international organization of monitoring agencies, and since October 2010 it has been 100% owned by IMM – Institute of Media Monitoring Poland. The company’s clients come from various sectors of the market, from finance to telecommunications, IT, pharmaceutical, energy, natural gas, oil, education, sports, culture, entertainment, politics.