Brands&Bears signs the new Hochland Cottage Cheese image campaign

Ads, Creativity

In the start of the year, Romanian agency Brands&Bears was asked to create the communication campaign for Hochland’s Fresh Cheese products range.

The campaign includes a TV ad (30″), that focuses on the benefits of Hochland Cottage Cheese: a healthy and balanced snack, that can be eaten anytime and anywhere.

The surprise element of the ad is created by the innovative accessories made from Hochland Cottage Cheese boxes: headphones, hats, telephone and watch.

The campaign is on air starting May 17th and, besides TV, it also includes print and communication in offices buildings and online.

The teams involved in the project:

  • Brands&Bears: Cristian Bulfinschi (Creative Director), Gabriel Coman (Copywriter), Dan Dragan (Art Director), Felicia Bolboceanu (Account Manager).
  • Hochland: Andreea Marincescu (Marketing Manager), Bianca Scumpu (Group Brand Manager), Raluca Osmanovici (Jr. Brand Manager).
  • Ad direction: Andy Margetson, Image: Max Lemnij, Food Stylist: Dana Perinova
  • Production House: Saga Film.