Are Romanians in for a sustainable lifestyle? Unilever tried to find out

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Unilever, a company that put in center of its activities a sustainable lifestyle, presented the 2 years results for Unilever Plan for a Sustainable Lifestyle, but also the results of a local study on what Romanian actually do to have a sustainable lifestyle .

According to the local study, over 20% of Romanians spend more than 15 minutes showering, while most Romanians say they do the same thing in 10-15 minutes. Also, most of study’s subject do not consider reducing the period of time they spend in the shower as they are convinced they spend less water than if they would decide to take a bath.

Almost 42% of the respondents throw to thrash  frequently (weekly or daily) leftovers, while only 10% say never did that. When it comes of packaging, 56% said that they don’t consider important if the packaging is eco-friendly or not when they buy a product.

Also, 68% said that they are influenced when they make a buying decision if the brand also has a social mision, if the price and quality aren’t different from similar products

The study that showed Romanians attitude towards a sustainable lifestyle was made online, on April 13-17, on a sample group of 6,308 people aged over 18 years old .