GolinHarris created Mister Pantastic,in Pizza Hut Delivery’s rebranding campaign

Branding, Business, PR

GolinHarris communicated the rebranding campaign for PHD Romania, home delivery service from Pizza Hut; following the rebranding, PHD Romania became Pizza Hut Delivery. GolinHarris team developed the communication and rebranding concept, centered on a very cute character. An original creation of the agency, Mr. Pantastic communicated via all important channels: online and offline, media, bloggers and general public.

Mr. Pantastic had a huge success from the 1st moment it came to life and we were happy to see it transforming in palpable reality, from media relations to unformal events and the concept of the Facebook app. It is wonderful to see how ideas put on paper, from the start of the project, come to life more beautiful than we imagined everything initially

Monica Botez,

Head of Corporate Division, Partner, GolinHarris.

GolinHarris team relayed perfectly our rebranding message towards the public, from activations to visual identity. Mr. Pantastic brought into the spotlight the introduction of the Pan doe as a delivery option and made it in an ingenious way, through a series of very interesting, relevant, nice and efficient activities

Monica Eftimie,

Chief Marketing Officer Pizza Hut Delivery.

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