Study: Romanians appreciate the most Milka, Nokia, Adidas, Dacia or Nivea

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ICERTIAS – Best Buy Award ¬†– Romania 2013/2014 is the 1st “Best Buy Award” research study made in Romania and showed that brands such as Milka, Nokia, Adidas, Dacia or Nivea are the most appreciated from quality-price report point of view.

Romanian Best Buy Award research was made by the Swiss ICERTIAS, organization that measures the degree of consumers’ experimentation and satisfaction when it comes of quality-price report for commercialized products and services. The study was made in April 2013.

As part of the study, the study group was asked what they consider to be the best price-quality report, based on their own experience, for a category of products or services on Romanian market.

The study included 56 different economic categories, such as products sold singularly, food, shoes, clothes, cosmetics, appliances, telecom, finance and others. The study included open questions, the people participating to the research not being given a list of possible answers.

When it came of their favorite chocolate, most of the people mentioned Milka, while the most mentioned face cream was Nivea. Adidas took the 1st place when it came of sports shoes.

The other most popular mentioned brands were Nokia (mobile phones), Dacia (autos), Acer (laptops), Arctic (appliances), Rama (margarine), Maggi (instant soup envelops), Danone (probiotics), Jacobs (instant coffee), Head&Shoulders (shampoo), Ariel (washing powder).

Best Buy Award doesn’t measure brand’s capital or market quota. To measure the quality-price report for goods and services on Romanian market, taken in consideration as exclusively consumers’¬†experience, opinion, satisfaction and perception. The study was made on a sample of 1,200 people, Romanian citizens, only internet users, aged over 15 years old.