Doncafé – the first brand in Romania to offer free Wi-Fi at coffee machines

Creativity, Mobile

Doncafé is the 1st Romanian brand to launch coffee machines with free Wi-Fi. Buying a coffee isn’t a request to be able to access the internet nor is an user or a password; one can just freely browse the internet for as long as he wants, from a comfortable distance from the device and with a maximum speed of 100 MBps.

Doncafe WiFi_vending

46% from Romanian internet users are accessing internet from their mobile and 25% from the smartphones, while 80% of the smartphone users are constantly searching for info over the internet, accessing search engines, according to Universal McCann. Because mobile isn’t just a device now, but a lifestyle in itself, Doncafe’s initiative comes completing coffees experience and integrate it perfectly in a mobile lifestyle. At Doncafe coffee machines, consumers can also drink a good coffee from freshly grind beans, while reading the latest news and relax with a game or communicate with friends on social networks.


The first Doncafé machines with free internet wireless were already installed in the most busy areas in Bucharest, with the project scheduled to expand in Romania, at national level. When accessing Wi-Fi network around Doncafé coffee machines, consumers are directed towards a special brand page and towards its Facebook page