Renania empowers the RomanianYoung Designers team at the 60 th edition of Cannes Lions


Renania, the biggest importer and distributor of safety equipment in Romania, empowers the Bokeh team in the Young Designers competition at the 60-th edition of Cannes Lions festival, which will debut next week on the French Riviera.

Alex Haidamac and Natalia Sfetcu – aka the Bokeh team – have qualied in the competition after winning the design competition in the Cannes semester at The Alternative School for Creative Thinking.

Renania is the company which supports and encourages everyone who builds – either for real or guratively. In fact, we like to believe that through any of Renania’s products, we are realizing, directly or indirectly, a national reconstruction. This is the reason why we’ve decided to sponsor the winners of The Alternative schools’ design competition winners, endorsing their participation at Cannes Lions, the most relevant event dedicated to creative thinking on a global scale. Many members of the 20-something generation are generous, talented, courageous and imaginative people. This is the image we would like projected at international level, when it comes to  Romania. Ensuring the participation of young Romanians at Cannes we become, in our own way, part of Romania’s image reconstruction across borders

Florentina Taudor,

General Director Renania.

Alternative School Designers

I am terribly thankful that we managed to overcome the challenges posed by the economic crisis and resources to support the best of The Alternative School’s students. This school has made it its duty to oer international courses for young people aspiring towards marketing and communication. It is a huge deal that in the corporate medium there are inspired companies, which understand the importance of education and how to subtly create a good name for their brand, Renania

Teodora Migdalovici,

Cannes Lions ambassador in Romania.

The Alternative School for Creative Thinking

The Alternative School for Creative Thinkingis the only performant platform of alternative education in marcom which, in the mast 8 years, has facilitated the education of over 215 youngsters at international events like Cannes LionsDubai Lynx or Eurobest and which is internationally acknowledged through the prizes its students and alumni win every year.

Throughout the festival, this years’ The Alternative School alumni will post on the School’s Facebook page the latest news from the seminars, workshops and the competition, thus oering the Romanian marcomm industry the chance to stay in touch with all the events that are taking place at the 60 th edition of Cannes Lions.

In 2013, the School’s partners have been Enlightening, Expomedia and

Applications for the next semester at The Alternative School for Creative Thinking start from mid-July.