Study: Praktiker Romania has a strong emotional tie with its consumers

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Praktiker Romania is the first do-it-yourself retailer on top of chain stores, having the highest index of attachment with its consumer, according to “Emotional Branding” study, made by 360insights.

The category includes hypermarkets, supermarkets, DIY, furniture, electronics and appliances retailers. The study reached to its second edition and analyzes over 430 brands in 15 different categories of products and services, from retail, pharma, non-alcoholic drinks to financial and banking services.

Magazin Praktiker

Compared to 2 years ago, Praktiker advanced 2 position in retail category, reaching #11 among a total of 24 brands and at a comfortable distance from the next brand in DIY category. According to the study, Praktiker is considered by Romanians as “an active brand, that doesn’t stay in standard limits and comes up with new ideas all the time, inspiring with its actions and trust”. The research also shows that urban consumers are most attached to Praktiker, with a significant increase among young consumers.

The communication campaigns ran during the last year were among the main pillars that help increasing the brand’s degree of appreciation among Romanians, with consumers considering Praktiker’s ads as memorable and relevant.