Mini-Rabla program, the start of Opel’s platform

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“Come with your little car and go back to play with an Opel” is the message that Opel partners in Bucharest sent to kids that visited their showrooms on Children’s Day, together with their parents. “Mini-Rabla” initiative was the 1st program of this kind dedicated to kids, with the ones that brought with them their old cars leaving back to play with new Opels. Over 200 play cars found new owners with this exchange program.

In the recycling program, where it comes of a new investment, the decision is taken after a lot of thinking. On Children’s Day, we come to meet the need of those that don’t care about those kind of calculations and wish for a new toy car because the ones at home aren’t their favorite anymore

Cristi Sandu,

Sales Manager Opel Romania.

Old toy cars brought to Bucharest showrooms will serve as promo material for the platform, that starts in the same time with the national program aiming to withdraw from the market old cars and exchange them with new ones. Opel built the 1st virtual parking in Romania, dedicated to those that follow the process. The platform targets old car owners and than the people that want a new Opel via the program, but also to the old recycled cars that want to buy a new opel.

mini-rabla 1 iunie

On the platform, the company will communicate the commercial and financial offer in 2013 program, offering a meeting space between the people that have cars that can enter the program and people that want to buy a new Opel. The program also comes with some significant cars.

Each kid has probably cars without wheels, broken, without doors, parked under blankets. We aimed to offer their broken cars a better faith than the trash bin, by helping them to transform in a nice 1st June present: an Opel car. And this is how Opel renew the little auto-park in the households with kids, on Children’s day

Radu Constantinescu,

Senior Copywriter G2.

Mini-Rabla campaign was promoted online, on news websites, on Opel Romania’s official Facebook page and on the radio.

G2 Romania’s team working on the campaign included Mihai Fetcu (Creative Director), Radu Constantinescu (Senior Copywriter), Arpad Fekete (Senior Art Director), Dana Pascu (Senior Strategic Planner), Radu Glont (Account Director), Patricia Arbanas (Senior Account Manager), Nicoleta Dima (Account Manager), Roxana Cerchez (Social Media Strategist), Mihaela Zaharia (Corporate PR).