GolinHarris, invited to make a workshop at Cannes Lions 2013

Creativity, PR

GolinHarris will have a workshop, “Finding Your Brand’s Voice”, at Cannes Lions. Co-hosted by GolinHarris’ global creative director, Charlie Tercek, and by the writing director Ben Lincoln, the interactive workshop is made to help communication specialists to find, define and better articulate the voice of their brands.

Each brand has a story to tell, but not necessarily also a distinct voice to tell it (…) The idea is to discover an adequate voice for the brand and only for it, that will help communicators to tell brand stories clearly and coherently, in all mediums: earned, owned and paid

Charlie Tercek.

The workshop, taking place on June 20th, is inspired by the Brand Voice model from GolinHarris. Already used by many of agency’s clients, Brand Voice offers a profound and scientific approach in the storytelling process, helping brands to remain faithful to their identity, to be always relevant and to remain consistent on all media channels they use

Some of us, professionals in marketing and PR, think about a brand’s voice only after they made a mistake. We created Brand Voice to help our clients to remain faithful to their brands and build a closer relationship with their clients

Ben Lincoln