Esomar MeetUp Romania: Spender or Saver?

Marketing, Studies

The 3rd edition of ESOMAR MeetUp Romania, in partnership with Marketing Faculty from Romanian Economic Sciences Academy, took place recently, with Romanian and international speakers answering a series of questions related to their activity field.

Ioan Simu, General Manager Mercury Research, argumented how market research brings added value to sales and profit.

Even the most simple market study generates bigger profit than an uninformed decision. We recommend to all that use market research to interpret the studies from a ROI perspective and this way they will help both clients and research providers on the market

Ioan Simu

Tracking reinvents to cope the agility need in business. In Millward Brown’s vision, tracking has modules that can come in and out at different time intervals, so that they would evaluate the important marketing actions with the proper questions at the proper moment

Daniel Enescu,

Managing Partner, Daedalus Millward Brown.

Alice Mihai (Busienss Development Director ISRA Center) and Oana Lungu (Insights Manager, British American Tobacco) focused on research that connects marketing people with consumers’ reality when a fast decision is needed to cope with business challenges.

Lacramioara Loghin, Managing Director, Exact Cercetare & Consultanta, underlined the importance of game in research, offering an example already implemented by her company: LEGO Serious Play.

Kids discover the worlds via games. Why wouldn’t us, the adults, discover it the same way? Thinking of this, we created a methodology that uses Lego in marketing research. As a game, Lego is present on Romanian market for a long time and, more recently, there are Lego systems targeting adults. That is why, during focus groups, we invite the participants to build different models using Lego bricks and than tell us what they wanted to express with their models

Lacramioara Loghin

Due to the innovative approach of Best of ESOMAR 2013 – to encourage presenting case studies from both research company and client, Ipsos had the opportunity to make a step forward and share not only research insights, but also brand’s strategic direction inspired by the results.

Cristina Craciun, Head of Qualitative Ipsos Research and  Carmen Cosoi, Brand Manager Nivea Baby şi Nivea for Men, came up with a complete image over the context and strategy resulted following the research. The study proposed a complex methodology to understand the young mothers segments: group discussions, content analysis of social media and in-store observation.

Other speakers were Marina Udroiu, GfK and Daniela Moldoveanu, Friesland Campina and representatives from TNS-CSOP.

ESOMAR is an international organisation regulating and encouraging market research industry’s development. It has 5,000 members in 130 countries all over the world.