Flavipet pharmacies, rebranded as Unica by Storience

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 After six months of work and an investment of around Euro 150,000, Romanian regional pharmacies network Flavipet has now a new brand identity, created by Storience. The new identity is being currently implemented in the 20 pharmacies in Braila and Galati counties, that will be fully refurnished and redecorated.

The rebranding process started with an analysis process and with formulating brand’s strategy, with those generating the differentiation for Unica pharmacies: very good stocks, small prices and a very close client – pharmacist relation.

The new graphical signature uses an original and friendly colors combination and, through the used symbol, focuses on the uniqueness of each patient.

Flavipet-Unica rebranding shows that professional brand management is a concurrence advantage tool also for regional entreprenorial brands (…) You don’t have to reach national coverage to build a professional brand. This step must be done before expansion, in order to prepare the ground

Stefan Liute,

Strategy Director Storience.

Unica name was created by company’s employees and was very well received from the start both by them and the patients buying their meds in chain’s pharmacies.

This rebranding should represent a model for the thousands of Romanian companies that have a non-personal name, formed by putting together the names of the owners or founders. By building a brand that tells a story, Unica showed maturity and the capacity to think on large scale and for the future

Adriana Liute,

Managing Partner Storience.

Unica pharmacies have 116 employees, 27 more than last year. In 2012, the company (Flavipet SRL) reached to RON 30,4M turnover, up 20% compared to 2011.

We wanted to improve and standardize the services we offer to the patients in order to consolidate even more the relationship with them. The rebranding is just one of the projects we are trying to achieve an increase and standardize quality for the services in pharmacies. We saw this project also helped motivating our employees and I’m also convinced it will also help improve our image as employer

Flavius Ertagan,

General Manager Unica.

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