Media Audit Partners launched on Romanian market

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A new auditing company in Romania, Media Audit Partners, partnered with Ebiquity,  leading global media management specialists, offering to both international and local clients the most robust local audit service in the market.

Allinmedia and Media Hub Consultants, Romanian local media auditors, joined forces to found the strongest hub of media auditing & consulting in Romania. MAP partnered with Ebiquity, the leading global media management specialists and provides media auditing, consulting and training services to both local and international client advertisers.

The founders and partners of MAP are Irena Tolontan, Maria Birgovan, Gabriel Enache and Sorin Doru and all have pioneered media auditing and consulting in Romania. They began offering these services back in 2006, and have since then accumulated a wealth of knowledge, expertise and data that is invaluable to any company seeking to improve its media ROI, in a media market that is worth some 300 mil euro per year.

Romania is an atypical market, with one of the most cluttered and atomized media industries in Europe. Changes occur quickly and suddenly. This business environment leads to an increasing demand for highly accurate, local, independent and objective media auditing services from clients

Irena Tolontan,

Founder MAP .

Our expertise hub resulting from the alliance AIM – Media Hub and the partnership with Ebiquity will allow us to increase the standard quality of our services and implicitely to improve the media ROI for our clients

Sorin Doru,

Partner MAP

Richard Edwards, Global Account Director of Ebiquity plc, expressed his appreciation for Allinmedia, that he worked with for 6 years, and also started working with the new company, Media Audit Partners, appreciating that it displays “the very same level of dedication and professionalism”.

Ebiquity services currently over 1000 clients in 60 markets. Among them, there are 85 of top 100 advertisers worldwide. Ebiquity counts over 600 employees worldwide and owns 21 offices in 14 countries.