DARD powered by RECMA updated its USA Top 112 digital agencies guide

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After the industry had witnessed, in 2012 – 2013, a swath of agencies revealing new acquisitions, restructures, services and brandings and, in order to track the various changes within the industry, DARD (RECMA) gathered information on 112 US agencies through large inventories, direct inquiries or face-to face meetings. All rankings are based on staff end-2012, but include 2013 major branding evolutions. Moreover, 35 US players in the sector are depicted in exclusive 2-page Profile Cards presenting the agency positioning, business roots, management, size, services, geographic coverage, clients, latest campaigns, strategy 2013-2014, awards 2012 and websites.

DARD guides are built to help global advertisers make informed decisions when pooling for communication partners and also serve as prospective tools for agency executives looking to expand their footprint, or scope of expertise. The new DARD guide USA TOP 112 Digital Agency Profiles & Rankings offers up to date info on agencies’ specialization (search, mobile, digital creative or innovative digital business solutions) or status (eg. main independent digital players on US market). USA Digital Guide provides advertisers, agencies and major players of the digital industry detailed profile cards and various rankings of the TOP 112 largest US digital agencies (based on staff figures 2012), as this kind of data and hierarchies resulted are increasingly required by international advertisers that aim to consolidate their digital accounts regionally or globally.

RECMA is read and used by 85 global advertisers that relies on its objective, homogeneous and accurate information.

The info presented within the guide is the result of direct inquiries and face-to face meetings with the agencies in the USA (New York – March 2013) and includes 3 parts:

  • Presentation of 6 digital rankings of the Top 112 for 4 reporting status (advertising groups, media agency branches, specialists and independents) as well as a ranking by Operational body; besides featuring the Top 112 USA Digital Agencies rankings, this part also presents a panorama of US digital landscape and a hierarchy. All rankings are based on staff 2012, but include the major branding developments in 2013
  • 35 detailed profile cards of the different major digital players of US  industry. All of these agencies are part of the rankings. Each Detailed Profile Card is built with the following topics: Name of agency, Owner group,Positioning, Agency motto, Business roots, History, Management, Size, Expertise (Services), USA Coverage, Major USA Clients, Wins/Losses in 2012/2013, Reference Campaigns, Strategy 2013/2014, Awards 2011/13 and Websites.
  • Digital rankings of the TOP 112 with Basic profiles &  Rankings. The tables in this part contains the following information: rank, digital end-2012 Staff, agency / unit, geographical presence, group owner, operational body, family status, date of launch, core business and summaries.

This guide is immediately accessible to free members at www.recma.com

Since May 2007, RECMA’s Digital guides have provided advertisers, agencies and major players in the digital industry with detailed profiles and rankings of the main digital players. Launched in November 2011, the DARD (Digital Agency Research Department) counsels global advertisers on their selection of digital agency network and independent players that offer digital capabilities across the globe. DARD’s Digital guides result from large inventories, direct inquiries or face-to face meetings. In total DARD has studied 450 digital agencies. Since the launch of the department, the DARD powered by RECMA has published domestic guides for Canada, USA, UK & France. Within 2013 DARD will publish the France, digital local guides as well as the annual TOP 150 Global Digital Agency Guide.

RECMA is an independent privately owned research company based in Paris with offices in London, New York Manila, and Hong Kong, focusing on the media and digital agency industry. RECMA is the only research company that publishes intelligence and benchmark data about the media and digital agency industry worldwide. Established in 1991 in France with global expansion since 1999, RECMA investigates 40 countries, 620 agencies in order to publish Global Evaluations (Overall Billings, Specialized Resources, Compitches, Network Diagnostics, Cartography, Top 100 Global Advertisers, Intl. Core clients), Qualitative Evaluation (Domestic Reports in 40 countries); Competition Trackings by Sector (Pharma, food, Alcohol, Consumer Electronics, Luxury, Telecom, Automotive, Home Care, Personal care & Cosmetics, Retail & Restaurant, Financial Services and Energy); Advertisers Online Database (+28 200 advertisers with their media agencies in 49 countries); Account Moves (Major Wins / ongoing reviews, Regional alignments, and Global Directory of Media pitch Consultants).