Mediascope study: Ukrainians – 1st in time spent online, Czechs – 1st in using the email, while Danes lead in online reviews and feedback

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Ukrainians spend the most time online, around 20 hours a week, followed by Romanians (18.6 hours) and Turks (18.3 hours), according to the most recent edition of IAB’s Mediascope. In Europe, there are 426.9M internet users, up 19% compared to 2010 and representing  65% of Europe’s population. When it comes of gender, male internet users continue to account for more than half of European total (52%). On age groups, 16-24, 25-34 and 35-44 year olds represent close to 65% of the European internet users, while only 6.85% of 60+ people are using internet.


When it comes of online activities, Romanians are among the ones that use the most instant messaging, 60% more compared to the European average. When it comes of online communication, all Czechs prefer emails, while 90% of the Portuguese are using professional social networks.

When it comes of who’s more active online, Danes are busy with reviews and feedback after using certain products and services and they do that twice more than the European average. Greeks are using blogs the most, posting twice more than the European average, while Bulgarians have the most online calls, 89% more than the European average

55+ generation is more and more active online, with 36% Europeans that are in this age group browsing the internet and spending around 10.4 hours online per week. Among them, 84% are shopping online on daily basis and 79% use email every day. When it comes about this segment’s preferences, most visit news websites (77%) and watch online TV (34%).

Mobile internet usage increased 42% in Europe compared to 2010. Now, 68% Europeans have mobiles with internet access and 44% own smartphones. In UK, 6 out of 10 Brits own a smartphone. The age of 60% smartphone owners is under 35 y.o, while only 20% of 35+ people own such a device.

12% of European internet users access internet through their tablet and spend online around 9.3 hours a week on this device. The Europeans spending the most time online from tablets are Norvegians (26%), closely followed by Brits  (25%). In total, 50,9M Europeans use tablets to browse and shop online.

The time spent online by Europeans with access to internet increased by 15% from 2010 until present days, reaching to an European average of 14.8 hours a week. TV is still the one that people spend most watching, with the European average being of 16.8 hours.

When it comes of multitasking, almost half Europeans go online while watching TV: 48% are online while watching TV, 14% are online from a mobile device while watching TV and a third of Europeans are online for a third of their TV viewing time.