GfK expands its research solutions in social media

Business, Marketing, Studies

Starting June 2013, GfK Romania completes its portfolio of digital research solutions dedicated to brands reputation and effects in social media communication. By integrating the social media research solutions with brand and communication research, GfK Romania brings a new approach that offers a complex perspective over the consumer, including in analysis consumers’ opinions, expressed online in a natural way.

A big part of the online conversations about brands are now controlled by consumers. Brands can make themselves heard in the new context only if they know how to listen to the consumers’ voice and react fast and relevant to the discussion themes

Andi Dumitrescu,

General Manager GfK Romania.

With its new research digital solutions, GfK Romania follows more indicators in the conversations about brands taking place in social media: how popular they are, satisfaction or unhappiness reasons related to them, possible sources that can start communication crisis or innovation ideas.

The new instruments combine the automated solutions of Web Mining (online searches on key words) with qualitative analysis of the discussions, allowing interpreting discussion’s nuances and a 95% precision in analyzing the context and consumer’s feelings.