Romanian Trilulilu reinvents: innovative functions and a new visual identity

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Trilulilu, Romanian entertainment website, launches the “New Trilulilu” in Private Beta. The new version is the user generated content website, evolved to the status of content integration platform.

The new Trilulilu brings for the 1st time in a single place both Trilulilu content and content posted on social networks by one’s friends.

Besides the refresh on functions and content interaction, Trilulilu also refreshed its design and brand identity. The new look makes navigation intuitive, with posts shown visually in a minimalist way, easy to follow.

Starting from the need to gather all networks in one place, Trilulilu offers to the consumer an unique feed with all multimedia content (video, music and images) from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Zonga, Instagram or  Google+ feeds.

We started more than a year ago to think to the next level for Trilulilu, in a world that, since our launch in 2007, experience an explosion of content, platforms and devices. The new Trilulilu was redrawn in order to offer in a single place all the relevant content, so one will never miss videos, photos and songs he is interested in

Sergiu Biris,

General Manager Trilulilu.

Launched in January 2007, Trilulilu became fast the Romanian YouTube and, with the refresh, the new sections of the website are home page (place where users share interesting content they find in their social networks’ feeds), my networks (unique posts feed from all social networks; option to filter depending on network), my collections (favorite content), daily selection (daily recommendation from Trilulilu editors), Search.

Available in Private Beta, the new version can be accessed by users on demand, via The Private Beta website is, for now, optimized only for PC and offers limited functions, such as connecting with Facebook and  Twitter and posting videos from YouTube. All the functionalities will be introduced gradually until the moment the new version will be available to the general public, this autumn.

Trilulilu also prepares an international version of the website, scheduled to launch in the end of the year.

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