GfK follows the complete route of the modern buyer, online and offline

Business, Digital & Media, Marketing

GfK Romania launches PurchaseJourney.dx, an innovative methodology that analyses for the first time consumers’ conduit in an integrated manner, both online and offline, during the entire process of making a buying decision.

The new methodological approach monitors the online conduit of the consumer that intends to purchase a certain product or service (visited websites, time spent on each of them, key words used to make a search and so on) and combines these info with weekly analysis related to the interaction consumer has offline with the brands and evaluates the influence of each interaction point in making the buying decision.

The buying decision became one extremely complex once with the multiplication of the interaction points with the brands. For example, according to multi-client GfK study <Internet and the buying decision making>, 84% of Romanian users living in urban areas took in consideration for buying other brands than the ones they initially considered, after they research for info online. The new GfK research solution allows a 360 degrees understanding of the modern consumer, from motivational, attitude and conduit point of view, both online and offline

Raluca Raschip,

Manager GfK Romania.