Propaganda Brand New signs the new visual identity for Meda, Romanian processed meat products producer

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MedaProd’98 S.A., producer of processed meat products with over 15 years of tradition on Romanian specialized market, decided to reorganize its products portfolio, dropping the old brands Medalis and Numai Bune, reuniting them under Meda. This made necessary a new visual identity for the range, created by Propaganda Brand New.

The strategic direction was founded on 2 facts: when it comes of processed meat products, people make the selection depending on taste, freshness and quality of the product and Meda products have 2 major qualities namely have a high content of meat and ingredients that add them flavor.

The visual identity developed by Propaganda Brand New was built around taste, freshness and quality, elements exploited in the design of the new labels and materials used in store, at shelf.

We combined retro and modern elements to obtain a minimalist and clean design, with details suggesting freshness – the packshot with the product and green leaves – but that will also generate crave for the product. The simple and clear line and the usage of the 2 contrasting and powerful nuances (red and gold) on a white background are increasing product’s visibility at shelf, relay the idea of freshness and induce to the consumer the idea of superior quality. The graphic style is following highlighting brands characteristics and also highlighting it among the multitude of products in the same category

Alexandru Lazareanu,

Designer Propaganda Brand New.

Meda has a superior quality perception on the market and we realized that this is the image vector for 2 range brands (Medalis and Numai Bune). The consumers were asking for Meda sausages, not for  Medalis or Numai Bune. We made the decision to consolidate everything under one brand, Meda, and we rethought the positioning: tasty, fresh, from meat. From here, the new Meda slogan – “Everything that’s tasty in meat”.  We worked very well with the agency from the very beginning. We tested the visual proposals in real environment, both in small neighborhood stores and big stores from IKA chains. After we knew exactly the model we will go for, the laborious work for the 155 labels /freshpack packages started, with over 100 recipes of products, each with its own ingredients. The new visual identity is natuarlly communicated in POSM, in store, through decorations on transport cars and on company’s website,

Mihai Dinculescu,

Brand Manager Meda Prod.

The teams working on the rebranding included:

  • Meda Prod: Florin Rizea – General Manager, Mihai Dinculescu – Brand Manager
  • Propaganda: Alexandru Lazareanu – design, Claudia Cristutiu – Branding Manager, George Flavius Paraschiv and Vlad Crisu – DTP

Carnati Meda

Crenvursti Meda

Mischi File Afumat Meda

Pastrama Meda

Salam Turist Meda