Romanian Grand Spoof expects votes until August 12th


Grand Spoof, competition that awards the best spoof ads, selected the finalist videos and announced the voting process will be open until August 12th.

This year, the competition organized by Romanian attracted 80 spoofs, from which 64 entered the shortlist and can be voted on The Creator platform. Ad fans had 4 weeks to come up with their spoofs.

Among the most spoofed ads this year are commercials for Coca Cola, Antrefrig, Nutline, Orbit and Dry Cooker: Share a Coca-ColaAntrefrig – ArenaNutline – NuplecabilitateOrbit – Say good bye to rests of food and TopShop – Dry Cooker.

The author of the spoof to gather most votes on The Creator platform will be awarded RON 3,000 and the one that manages to get the highest score from the professional jury will receive RON 4,000.

The professional jury at Grand Spoof 2013 includes Catalin Dobre (Executive Creative Director, McCann Erickson), Catalin Bugean (winner Grand Spoof 2012), Teo (comedian Club99), Ioana Moldoveanu (Editor in Chief VICE), Mihnea Gheorghiu (Group Creative Director Publicis), Jeanina David (Brand Manager Heineken Romania) and Monica Dudau (Project Manager IQads).

The best 10 spoof entered in 2013 will be projected during ADfel, on August 15th.