Starcom Romania makes a new info-graphic on how Romanian youth use their influence

Creativity, Marketing

Starcom Romania  made another info-graphic in the HumanGraphExperience series,  Influence Me – Romanian Youth Use of Influence, aiming to identify the main influence factors over young people aged 18-24 y.o. when it comes of buying decisions in 5 categories of products: sweet & snacks, drinks, gadgets, personal care and fashion.

The importance of the media mix and the relevance of the content delivered via communication channels can increase significantly by using the influencers suited to each category of products.

Without clear brand preferences, consumption habits or preconceptions, young people are a segment easy to influence, as 62% ask advice before buying and 52% give advice to their friends. Still, to convince the young people, one must provide actual information (86%) and have tested the recommended products himself (83%).

Human graph - Romanian Youth using their influence