Romanian ABC wants to became a public utility NGO


BRAT, the Romanian ABC, is working towards obtaining the status of NGO of public utility, with the members of the association deciding to take this action after the association continued to develop, during the last years, its essential role within Romanian media and advertising industries. The efforts made for standardizing the evaluation of media products and the creation of professional tools to do that, together with transacting ad spaces, contributed to an increase of the professionalization degree and transparency for the 2 mentioned industry, both privately and state owned.

The results BRAT makes available are indispensable to the companies involved in transacting ad spaces: print or online publishers, advertising agencies, media buying companies. In the same time, the info provided by BRAT is also used by educational and research institutions, governmental bodies and general public, in order to properly evaluate media products and study the media consumption habits, especially when it comes to print or online.

As a start to the process of transforming in a public utility NGO, BRAT filled in and submitted the needed documentation. In May, the General Secretary of the Romanian Government confirmed the documentation fulfilled all the needed legal criteria and was passed forward for approval to Culture Ministry.

BRAT is a non-profit association that reunites over 200 media industry representative members and fulfills all legal criteria needed for the Romanian authorities to confer it the status of public utility NGO.