ELMA study: European letterboxes – 112BN ad leaflets worth Euro 3.9BN received in 2011

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ELMA (European Letterbox Marketing Association) released the results for its second pan-European study on leaflets distribution in the letterboxes, that shows an increase of 2.3% in the number of promotional leaflets distributed in Europe. The study analyzed the distribution of promotional leaflets in letterboxes in 22 European countries and found out that, in 2011, there were distributed 112BN ad leaflets, with a total market valued at Euro 3.9BN, up 4.9% compared to 2010.

Among the countries where letterbox marketing situation was analyzed, Germany maintains its leadership position (increase of 600M copies distributed), while Romania ranks 12 in the top. Among the countries that registered the highest increases in 2011 are Poland, Finland and Croatia, with over 100M promotional publications distributed. Decreases in promotional materials distribution in letterboxes were noticed in Denmark, Greece and Spain (minus over 100M), while Hungary posted a decrease in volumes of 1077M copies, the highest until now.

The biggest volumes in leaflets distributed in letterboxes in 2011 were posted by Germany (20.6BN), France (19BN), Italy (12BN) and Netherlands (11.35BN).

There are significant differences between the countries when it comes the average number of promotional materials a household’s letterbox receives, from 36 in Netherlands to 2 per week in Romania or Ireland. The European average is 12 .

ELMA regroups the main companies specialized in letterbox marketing and its purpose is to guarantee the quality standards for association’s members and to promote the letterbox promotional materials, mainly leaflets, distribution

In Romania, the company member in ELMA is Inbox Marketing. Inbox Marketing estimates that, in 2013, it will distribute over 500M leaflets in letterboxes, which represents around 60% from the total volume on Romanian specialized market, estimeaza ca va distribui in 2013 circa 500 de milioane de pliante in cutiile postale, reprezentand aproximativ 60% din piata romaneasca. Inbox Marketing  are 700 de curieri angajati si acopera mai mult de jumatate din totalul gospodariilor din Romania,  si 93% din gospodariile urbane. Recent, Inbox Marketing a finalizat investitia de 350,000 de euro intr-o baza de date geografica ce acopera peste 80% din gospodariile urbane din Romania, si care ii permite o precizie foarte inalta a serviciilor de distributie de pliante in cutiile postale.