Mediascope: 84% of young people aged 16-24 y.o. are online

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Mediascope analyzes, in its most recent bulletin, the 16-24 demographic, that is present online in an overwhelming percentage (89% – 85.5M people) and is characterized by digitally focused media consumption, seeking to connect with brands online and usage of multiple devices as part of their every day lives.

According to the bulletin, young people in the mentioned age group spend less time watching TV in the traditional manner (14.4 hrs vs European average of 16.8hrs), with 32% watching TV online on a weekly basis (compared to the European average of 24%). When it comes of media consumption, 92% watch TV, 89% use the internet, 59% listen to the radio, 52% read newspapers and 46% read magazines.

Among the young people, 62% go online while watching TV, accounting for 36% of their TV viewing time, while 71% are watching TV while also using the internet during TV prime time periods. Also, 61% visit news websites weekly, while only 52% read newspapers and 42% listen to online radio, with 59% listening the traditional way.

As they own different gadgets, those devices create for them an “always on” experience, with 43% of them accessing internet via their mobiles (21% is the European average), 60% own smartphones (while the European average is 44%) and 81% of them have the internet access enabled on their mobile phones.  When it comes of the point they access the internet from, 86% use PCs/laptops, 43% via mobile, 13% via tablet and 15% via games consoles. They spend weekly an average 19.2hrs online, 30% more than the average European internet user.

For young people aged 16-24, internet is in center of their communication: 82% use a personal social network weekly and 70% do so on daily basis, 69% use it to keep in touch with family and friends, 78% use email on daily basis and 34% use IM to chat.

Digital Natives have the internet included in their daily routine, buy more products online than the average European, spending on average Euro 425 every half a year. Also, this category can be influenced by online brands, 43% of young people aged 16-24 y.o. being inclined to find out more about brands they see advertised online, while 83% have liked or become a friend of a brand on a social network.

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